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One of JSC “SANTEX LT” areas of activity is 3PL – composite logistics services. This can include storage, transportation coordination, transportation, disaggregation, etc.
JSC “SANTEX LT” provides the following composite logistics services:

● Acceptance and registration of goods;
● Inspection, sorting of goods;
● Storage of goods;
● Repacking, sticker pasting of goods.
● Dispatch of goods;
● Delivery of goods;
● Accounting, expiration date tracking of goods and calculation of balances.

Please contact out staff if you want to get advice, or to get the price of composite logistics services.


Company code: 302691427
VAT code: LT100006799110
Pelesos str. 1-416
LT-02161 Vilnius, Lithuania

Tel./fax: 8 (52) 11 35 78