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Welcome to UAB "SANTEX LT" website!

JSC “SANTEX LT” is a fast growing company providing logistics services. It is a steady operating company, established by taking modern developments and expectations in the freight transportation market into account. The knowledge and professionalism of the service provider is especially important considering rapid advances in transportation and logistics services, because only a professional supplier can offer the best method for transporting, storage and disaggregation.

Our main goal is to provide high-quality cargo transportation services. We seek to maintain long-term cooperation based on mutual respect and responsibility.

The company offers delivery services of any cargo by all means of transport:

Types of cargo: ● Full-load
● Partial and small batches
● Oversized and heavy
● Containers
Types of transport: ● Road transport
● Sea
● Railway
● Air
Transportation directions: ● Between European, Asian, CIS and Baltic countries
● Between CIS countries in Russia, Belarus
● Around the world

Company code: 302691427
VAT code: LT100006799110
Pelesos str. 1-416
LT-02161 Vilnius, Lithuania

Tel./fax: 8 (52) 11 35 78